Civic Design Lab Fellowship



The Civic Design Lab (CDL) is a civic innovation lab within Oakland City Hall. CDL applies human centered design and systems thinking to public sector problems, starting with the question: “who are we designing this policy or service for?”

My role

During my three-month fellowship with CDL, I contributed to 3 of our Financial Empowerment initiatives, including:

  1. Oakland Promise: Brilliant Baby - We held a forum to gather feedback from parents participating in the financial literacy program. I facilitated a User Journey Map co-creation workshop with a Spanish-speaking group of mothers.

  2. Parking Citations - The recent bill AB 503 is meant to help low-income Oaklanders pay off their parking citations through a repayment plan. I synthesized our foundational research on users’ experiences with parking citations and created interview protocol to gather further insights.

  3. Re-Entry Services - The City of Oakland is assessing the landscape of re-entry services available for formerly incarcerated folks. I collaborated with our team to create charts and visuals of the current offerings and gaps in services. I helped gather insights from government and local non-profit stakeholders that informs the next steps of the project.


Memberships for Clover



Memberships is an app for Clover point-of-sale devices. It allows merchants to process recurring billing transactions for their members. Our primary users are small gym businesses.

My Role

I redesigned Memberships to improve usability based off of user feedback. I also created a new branding strategy to appeal more directly to our user base. Note: the updated version of Memberships including my designs is still in production; the current version is available in the Clover Marketplace →.