Growing up, I didn’t plan to become a product designer because I didn’t know the career existed. Instead, growing up in Miami as a queer Colombiana, I nestled into art and visual design as a way to escape from my environment, hiding myself and attempting to express myself at the same time. In college, I studied psychology because I didn’t understand my place in the world; I studied Italian because I wanted to connect beyond my place in the world.

When I learned about UX design, all of the things I did to survive and seek understanding finally made sense and a path cleared in front of me. As a designer I strive to enable people to connect and communicate, to find what they need and accomplish their goals. 

Being a designer empowers me to understand myself, to define my place in the world, and to contribute to it. Currently, I design for client projects at Infuse. Outside of work, I use my skills in design to co-create a voice for the communities that I care about and belong to, including Somos Familia, QTPOC in Tech Mentorship, and my alma mater’s Club of Northern California.

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