Hi! I’m Steph - a product designer based in the Bay Area.


I focus on user interface design and am looking to gain more experience with user research.

I am from Miami, speak Spanish and Italian, attended Mount Holyoke College, volunteer with lgbtq+ organizations, practice ceramics and am grateful for dairy-free ice cream.

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Product DESIGN

Featured Work
& Clover

As a designer at a small dev shop, I have the opportunity to design for clients across industries including healthcare, blockchain, and payments. A majority of our clients come to us for our expertise in designing customized apps and integrations for Clover point-of-sale devices. Below are a few of the client projects I’ve worked on this past year.


Service design

Civic Design Lab

During my three-month fellowship with CDL, I contributed to 3 Financial Empowerment initiatives aimed to improve the lives of underserved Oakland residents. As a transplant living in Oakland, I was humbled by this experience and emboldened to contribute more to my community. Find out more


UX Design

Concept Projects 

Inside and outside of my current role, I’ve had the opportunity to design concept projects across web and mobile to flesh out ideas that I’m excited and passionate about, particularly in the realms of financial literacy education, event management, and application tracking systems.